All workshops will be held on the afternoon of the second day - Friday 15th September.

You are able to attend one workshop in each session. Please note that some workshops may be held at different venues.

You will be able to select your workshop sessions when you arrive at the Coffin Bay Golf Club on Thursday morning.

Session 1 .... Friday 12:45 to 2:00pm

Workshop A - Public art for environmental awareness (Karen Carr), Coffin Bay Yacht Club
Join renowned local Artist Karen Carr of Squashed Cocky Enterprises to make an ephemeral public art MEGA sculpture of dinosaur ants. Learn about the work local school students and community have undertaken to recycle and repurpose hundreds of e-cords and mobile phones to make the individual ant sculptures. Hear the dinosaur ant discovery story and gain a deeper understand of the link to mallee trees.
Proudly supported by the Port Lincoln Arts Council Inc. with funding through Inspiring SA.

Workshop B - Introduction to plants (Ian Abbott and Geraldine Turner)
Ian will guide you through an introduction to the key botanical features of plants to start you on the path to learning how to identify the remarkable diversity of plants across the region.
Learn how to press plant specimens and hear about the clever adaptations local plants have to survive in harsh conditions.
Workshop C - Collaborative Communities (Cristel Chambers - The Wilderness Society)
We all know that working together with like-minded people makes us stronger in creating our shared visions, but how to form a cohesive group and work together in a sustainable and productive way can be challenging. Collaboration and communication are key elements of any successful group, so come along to hear and contribute to how we can work better together for nature.
This workshop links nicely with workshops F and G in session two.

Workshop D - Nature Play, the next generation (Sonia Regan)
How much time did you spent in nature during your childhood? Where was your favourite place to play? The importance of nature in the modern child's life is becoming a growing focus of the education sector in today's world of screens and digital communication. It doesn't have to stay in the schools, join this workshop for Nature Play tips (perfect for grandparents, aunties and uncles and busy parents) and so much more!
This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to explore the nature play experience in an era focused on technology. Participants will experience the value of nature play through practical activities and explore how we can develop genuine respect, love and connection to nature for future generations.

Session 2 .... Friday 2:00 to 3:15pm

Workshop E - Photography and vision (Karen Carr), Coffin Bay Yacht Club
A fun and light-hearted workshop lead by local Artist Karen Carr of Squashed Cocky Enterprises to bring together a kaleidoscope of colourful macro photos donated by local photographers As we immerse ourselves the delights of photography and making a unique 3D photo display we’ll delve deeper into our understanding of how different animals eye see and question everything about vision. You will never look at some animals the same way again after this workshop as you imagine the world through their eyes.
No art experience necessary! Proudly supported by the Port Lincoln Arts Council Inc. with funding through Inspiring SA.

Workshop F - Birdwatchers unite! (Fiona Blandford - BirdLife Australia)
On Eyre Peninsula we've been watching the rise in birding, twitching and bird orientated citizen science activities. How do we harness this enthusiasm to take action for the conservation of our birds? In this workshop, you will connect with other local passionate birders to start the conversation on how a network with a common purpose and vision can have more impact. Using case studies from BirdLife Australia, you will hear how our national network of branches and groups have played a key role to stop bird extinctions both locally and globally. Rather than work as passionate ‘islands of conservation effort’ we figure, why not work together strategically to achieve long-term change.
What does a branch of BirdLife Australia look like on the Peninsula, and what support does the community need to come together around local engagement, bird research and conservation programs, and to join in and build on a strong network for birds across Australia?

Workshop G - Conversations for Action (Cristel Chambers - The Wilderness Society)
How can we bring other people along on our conservation journey? Ask them! Finding ways to talk to people about science that resonate with them is an important part in reaching the broader community and building support for nature.

Workshop H - Animals Anonymous (Tamara Gordon)
Animals Anonymous are a mobile team of wildlife demonstrators and environmental educators who will be presenting a hands-on native wildlife show with around 12 friendly Aussie animals including bettongs, potoroos, gliders, dunnarts, crocodiles, goannas, dragons, geckos, turtles, pythons, frogs, falcons, frogmouths, parrots and more. They aim to inspire and assist folks of all ages to love, conserve and enjoy the awesome natural world that surrounds us and encourage the use of local native plants around our homes, schools, work places.
Workshop I - Manna Wellbeing Centre (Ngahuia Trewartha)
The mose relaxed workshop you will attend and a nice way to reflect on all you've taken in during the conference.
In this session we will focus on how nature is vital to human wellbeing, through guided meditation and the practise of mindfulness and gratitude for nature.
If appropriate, the workshop may also incorporate cultural insights and information.